Monday, August 4, 2014

Summary of the 2014-15 Budget

The state House and Senate have finally passed the 2014-15 budget. We began the short session in May with high hopes for a June adjournment, but the chambers just gave final approval to the budget on Friday and Saturday.  At this time, the Governor has not signed it but has announced that he will sign it soon.

The budget is a mixed bag of wins and losses for people with disabilities and their families. Teachers receive an average 7% salary increase, and other state employees a $1000 increase.  The state is finally recognizing and funding the necessary education for children receiving treatment in Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities. However, the autism insurance mandate did not pass, and adults receiving State/county Special Assistance could lose their Medicaid and those with an income over 100% of the Federal Poverty Level could lose their SA altogether.

The full budget is online here and the Committee Report (a much easier read) is here. Our Summary of the budget will be appearing on the blog in three pieces: Health and Human Services, Education, and Other (Justice and Public Safety, etc.).

We haven't quite reached the end of session - the Senate and House will be back next week to up any vetoes and possibly a host of other topics.  We will also be back in November to take up Medicaid Reform. Since these subsequent sessions will be focused on a few defined areas, we will have up summaries of legislation that did pass later this week.

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